Large High Precision Contract Manufacturing Company

Managing Director

We engaged Dinakar from May 2013 to Feb 2014 to streamline our Aero Division. He significantly improved our day to day management system and recommended some changes in the organisation structure that we introduced immediately. The competence levels of our engineers have improved due to his mentoring and we could sustainably reduce scrap, tool consumption, etc. and improve the discipline on the shop floor. Within a quarter we achieved an almost 0 EBIDTA and within 6 months went positive. Since then our operations show stability and we have been able to achieve positive EBIDTA on a sustainable basis. His intervention has helped us to show a positive trend in the Aero Division.

Large High Precision Contract Manufacturing Company

Vice President (Operations)

We are now having a very stable system which we are into. The Monitoring and control measures initiated by you are yielding results and they are measurable quantitatively and qualitatively. Rejection control and monitoring mechanisms are working well. Transparency and hence accountability has greatly increased. Daily monitoring, weekly reviews are making “Customer OTD a reality”. Business opportunities are increasing as the customers’ confidence has increased and hence their expectations to deliver are also increasing.

Large Utilities Company

Executive Director (Human Resources)

The overall business health check process was enriching and provided many valuable inputs and insights from the excellence point of view.

Small Trading Company

Chief Executive Officer

As a organization we faced challenges related to decision making and fast execution of same, Mr. Dinakar's wisdom and vast experience helped us take decisions in much informed and faster method. He is tech-savvy and is very comfortable to work with.

Medium Corporate Gifting Company

Chief Operating Officer

Being in a service oriented business. We find Mr. Dinakar a very thoughtful person & also found him to be extremely good in resolving issues with Customer centric approach & long term Organizational impact.

Large Tier 1 Automotive MNC

Senior General Manager (Quality)

Samuthana Consultancoaching LLP has been making great strides in managerial consultancy and entrepreneurship development. It is lead by dynamic Mr.Dinakar who has worked in the manufacturing and construction industry for 2 decades in senior positions in India and abroad. He brings his ideas, dynamism, experience and expertise in his coaching.

Small Brokering Company


Mr.Dinakar Murthy of Samuthana is an Excellent Coach, can take your company to great heights by incorporating proven track tools! Very easy to converse and comes with loads of expertise. The man for any company which is looking to grow at rapid pace organically.

Micro Liaison Company


Great people great coaching ever! One who has the opportunity must join it will have great experience.

Medium Aggregator Company

Chief Executive Officer

Samuthana is well positioned to assist SMEs in business transformation, efficiency improvement, sales growth etc. We had engaged them for advising on focus area improvement for our B2B website which is a Construction Projects Bazaar and got valuable inputs from Samuthana which we have incorporated.

Medium Machine Tools Design and Manufacturing Company

General Manager

Business strategy inputs are really good for business growth.

Large Machine Tools Design and Manufacturing Company

Manager Process Development

Good establishment, competitive training skill and slightly expensive for MSME`s. Good knowledge & experience available in the team.

Large High Technology Manufacturing Company

Chief Operating Officer

Samuthana has evolved into a truly Valued Consulting and coaching enterprise. Kudos to Dinakar and his `Leadership par excellence` for creating better personalities and organisations for the Global requirements.Bridging the gap between "ideal" and "real" is the success factor!

Medium Commodity Products Company


Great and professional consulting services. We have been using Samuthana services for over a year and it has helped us streamline our business in many ways. Highly recommend this for companies who would like to set their process in order and scale to the next level.

Medium EMS Company


It was indeed a very good decision of our company to have taken your services in our company health check. We had hired other consultants, there was nothing tangible given to us, excepting management jargons. Where as Samuthana consulting could mirror us as to what we are, through your methodology, and also we got a tangible health check report which indicated our weakness & strengths which has given us focus areas to improve. Thank you very much for having given your consulting services, and highly recommend to all SME’s to avail your services.

Medium High Precision Toolings Design and Manufacturing Company.

Chief Executive Officer

The biggest challenge for any Small Industry in India is to find the right resources to guide us on identifying Bottlenecks, Reduction in Throughput time, getting an outsider view of existing Process and Methods, Achieving higher OEE etc., – in short achieve Manufacturing efficiency. The availability of such a talent for a SSI in India is extremely difficult and if avialable it is very expensive to afford.
In Samuthana headed by the very able and practical Mr. Dinakar Murthy – a man with global experience in operations management, we found the perfect blend to work on all the above problematic factors. In the past six months of our association and with his hands on style of working we have crossed many

Medium Size Service Apartments Company.

Managing Director

It was absolute eye opener working with Samuthana. Their deep understanding of impact of parameters affecting corporate health and their quick-fix solutions makes them the must-have consultants for any business with a long term holistic goals. Their tech integration with the latest “doHow App” adds an unparalleled dimensions to the overall solutions, right from the grassroots   level.