Learning Organisation

In the manufacturing industry as in other industries attrition and availability of the qualified and trained manpower is an issue. One way of addressing this concern is to put in systems in place that ensure organizational learning. The classic SDCA/PDCA (Standardize or Plan/Do/Check/Act) is a great tool to accomplish this goal. In manufacturing discussion/review/check routines with appropriate visualization/documentation of results are extremely important to run the business in a sustainable and effective manner. For example starting from hourly routines of quality checks, shift wise routines of the attendance check, status check, etc., daily routines of shop floor QCD deviation management, weekly routines of meeting room review of Corrective and Preventive Actions (COPA), monthly routines of business performance check and quarterly routines of system audits can be so modified that the "Act" of the SDCA/PDCA becomes more effective, since this is truly the learning phase that is extremely important for sustained continuous improvement. Emphasising on the "Act" phase not only will the know-how and knowledge be available across the organization in a documented form but also the employees become more motivated with a continuous learning. Purpose: Know-how enhancement, employee motivation and reliability of data/reports.