Our methodology is systematic, transparent and is based on the pay per use concept with the purpose of providing invaluable insights and quick results to our clients rapidly. In fact, just by checking out the publicly available information the clients not only get insights but also can assess our competence. Apart from this by signing in to our doHow® APP and using the initial Free Wallet Amount, can try out quite a few good practices to taste the expertise that we can bring to the table. Additionally, in the 100+ initial contact discussions our clients could get invaluable insights without any cash outflow. Thus we have created multiple channels to experience our expertise without any cash outflow before deciding on engaging us.

We have created multi-language function in our doHow® APP to reach out to all the people involved in any business in their preferred language world-wide. Our engagements therefore are not limited to the top management but spreads across even to the individual contributors across multiple locations. We have developed this competence for our clients, since in today‚Äôs market, the most significant differentiator is and will continue to be the consistency of doing apart from knowing.

Finally, unlike the common retainer model, we invoice for the actual engagement time at the beginning of each month, thereby excluding all the pre engagement and post engagement activities that we perform offline.

Step 1

Initial contact discussion with the client to understand the challenges and to present a hypothetical solution as well as discuss macro pricing.

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Step 2

Prepare proposal, discuss and reach an agreement to start the intervention as well as invoice a token advance.


Step 3

Business Health Check discussion to identify the key focus areas through Study of Reports | Observation | Interviews in a doHow® Bistrot (Introspective Peer Learning) session with key players.

Step 4

Explain the chosen doHow® practice to top management and deploy in a doHow® Bistrot session for focusing on the identified key areas.

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Step 5

Review the status of the initiatives during the weekly reviews as well as coach based on the specific need using the doHow® practices for various hierarchy levels.

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Step 6

Develop customised doHow® practices for the client and deploy after initial doHow® Bistrot sessions for internalisation.

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Step 7

Ensure thorough internalisation with regular monthly coaching sessions for ATLEAST 1Y.