Lead Generation

Pressure to generate LEADS, convince the potential customers and get RFQ’s, rapidly make PROPOSALS/OFFERS, get ORDERS and acquire new CUSTOMERS, ensure TIMELY DELIVERIES and last but not the least collect PAYMENTS were unbearable for José, the head of Business Development in ABC Pvt. Ltd.

José, had relatively good career so far, yet wondered how he could master these challenges when he was continuously getting forced to follow the procedures and processes in the company. He had a good team but only a couple of them were really engaged, creative and assumed full ownership while most of the others were neither thinking nor involved.

Intuitively José strongly wanted to seek support to get support from a marketing expert to develop effective strategies. However, he wasn’t sure if an external resource could help in creating marketing strategies for his company. The threat of exposing their internal issues made him continue his status quo while trying to do his best, even though he could have proactively introduced some creative approaches.

At the same time, he was convinced that his company was more than capable of mastering all the challenges, only if he could get all the key players to think together, jointly and regularly on the focus areas, experiment boldly and continuously learn from experiences. However, he also felt that such an intervention had to be initiated by the CEO and driven by the top management.

Finally, José met his friend Rahul, from Samuthána Consultancoaching LLP, and explained his situation. Rahul opened the doHow™ App on his Android phone asked José to Speak of his ABHYASA* (Experience) in Understanding market and buyer's decision factors, Identifying/cultivating the Most Valuable People, Confirming customer orders with realistic timelines, etc. for Business Development (Sales & Marketing) as well as Materials Management (Planning) José was very pleasantly surprised with the great insights he got just by explaining his ABHYASA* (Experience). When Rahul told him that this insightful conversation had cost him just a cup of good coffee, José felt as if a new fire was ignited. He had by then understood that doHow™ methodology gets all the team members to think and focus together on success practices by explaining their respective ABHYASA* to others as well as get the other people the team members care for to think.

Wasting no time, José engaged Samuthána Consultancoaching LLP to conduct doHow™ Group Consultancoaching to his team including the key players in the company. It is now almost 3 months since his company started on an exciting transformation journey with weekly Consultancoaching by Samuthána, while his team used the doHow™ App to think. Now José after securing the order books for the next months is quite relaxed with a good Work | Life balance and has been shortlisted as a talent by ABC Pvt. Ltd to take on more responsibility becoming an Exceptional Leader.