Effective Presentations

Yesterday few people, highly effective in their respective roles as individual contributors, came to me for a doHow™ Bistrot session on “Effective Presentations”. Their common challenge was to effectively present themselves during interviews – both internal and external, so that they can progress in their careers and realise their aspirations.

In case you know someone in a similar situation, please read ahead!

Each one of them is already performing highly complex tasks with ease while finding it difficult to understand how come many of their superiors even though not as good as each one of them had achieved their career aspirations. I am sure you would have come across such situations in your contact sphere too. After listening to them, I came over to my desk to take a printout of the “Effective Presentations” doHow™ practice which is mainly to get the people to speak of their ABHYASA* on the following routines.

Researching/familiarising the agenda and topic

Developing a core message and building a storyline with impact

Selecting the appropriate methodology/accessories

Clearing the mind of all the thoughts to stay focussed

Practicing/rehearsing to complete in 80-90% time

Establishing eye contact and involving audience

Speaking at a natural pace and going with flow

I explained ABHYASA* using a favourite routine of one of the participants – “Watching football”, we then, for a start, went on to discuss their ABHYASA* of “Developing a core message and building a storyline with impact”.

It was so insightful and inspiring for each one of them as if they had found the ELIXIR OF LIFE. Each one of them then started speaking openly of their challenges leading to a very energizing fully involved conversation which lasted for about an hour. The fact that those who had achieved their career aspirations could present touching stories much better than each one of them was very powerful insight they got and very unwillingly left my office to continue their discussion outside for more than an hour before parting their ways.

Of course, we still have a few weeks before each one of them can deliver “Effective Presentations” sub-consciously.

You may want to check out my presentation on the L2L Essence and L2L System, the first and second pillar of the doHow™ methodology as well as think and get people you care for to think of their ABHYASA*, the third pillar, of their favourite routines as well as challenging routines.