Better than the Best!

Even in present-day’s context we keep waging wars – against the competition, against the system inefficiencies, against disengaged employees, against poor quality of life, against failure, against ignorance,….. and very rarely the classical wars – like the ones of Rama against Ravana, of Durga against Mahishashura,…. Unlike the classical wars where the “Enemy” being external and obvious securing the commitment and engagement of all people (Soldiers) is relatively easy in comparison to present-day wars where the enemy is very abstract making it extremely difficult to secure the commitment and engagement of all people (Employees) – As per Aon Hewitt 2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement report, 15% are actively engaged and another 22% passively.

With this perspective, I believe winning present-day wars is only possible if all the people involved are engaged in constructive dialogue, while respecting each one’s uniquely individual opinions. In this journal I will be writing of my experiences moderating the doHow™ Transformation Game, which has been developed based on the Socratic Method to unleash the people power for winning the present-day wars.

Over 300 very relevant and extremely important insights, a couple of them disruptive in nature, were generated by a group of about 20 people over 10 hours, while enjoying playing the doHow™ Transformation Game and each one getting inspired to meet the goals. Sample improvements were realised simultaneously and the disruptive insights prototyped too. This outcome was realised in one of the best companies in their sector wanting to be better! I want to emphasise that “Better than the Best” is not a myth at all, since the Best is always relative to our perception of the reality.

Leaders with clarity in thought and constancy of purpose undoubtedly are the key drivers for getting societies, companies, organisations, teams and even individuals strive to be “Better than the Best”.

Are you such a leader? Can you influence your leaders to become such ones?

Happy Reading!