5 Secrets of creating ownership to goals.

I first learnt about Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs during the 80s in my UG course on Behavioural Science. Since then have been engrossed with this theory from the 40s both for my own motivation and of those reporting to me in my corporate life. While this theory largely addresses motivation, ownership is necessary for achieving delegated goals. Of late I have been thinking if ownership means motivation and motivation means ownership whenever I visit a company and notice a significant gap in both motivation and ownership between the top floor and the shop floor.

I have listed the 5 most important factors for securing the ownership to goals while motivating the team to achieve these goals.

Shared Purpose

Creating a shared purpose amongst all the people of a company by understanding the aspirations through multiple dialogues creates the foundation for ownership.

Autonomy of Choice

Providing a perception of autonomy for choosing the path towards the shared purpose through a collaborative leadership style is the first building block to ownership.

Passing Credit and Taking Blame

Living the fact that responsibility cannot be delegated, whereas authority can is an equally important way of working to secure ownership to goals.

Ensuring Resources

Transparently discussing and providing finance, knowHow/doHow and time, the three basic resources, for achieving any goal creates ownership with the will naturally following.

Recognitions based on Facts

Finally, clear metrics, regular structured reports and an open-door culture for escalation – feedback and support make the goal achievement transparent resulting in recognitions based on facts.

You may want to check out how the leaders in your company go about when it comes to Shared Purpose, Autonomy of Choice, Passing Credit and Taking Blame, Ensuring Resources and Recognitions based on Facts.

Happy Reading!