Result Orientation

Long time ago a few friends used to play football just for fun. One fine day a star football player saw them and recommended them to the national team. Instead of being happy they were very worried, since all this while they played to just have fun without the worry of winning or losing. Losing now would let their country down.

On their way to joining the national team they met a Stranger. Looking at their great physique but worried faces he asked "What is bothering you so much?" They all said in unision "We play football and never used to think of the results. Now that we are part of the national team we cannot stop thinking, especially of not winning".

The Stranger said "Oh I see! How come you never focused on the results while playing?". There was a lull of silence. Then one said hesitantly "We enjoyed just playing so much and maybe always felt and thought there is always  a tomorrow for winning". Another chipped in "We just wanted do our bit the best and leave the rest". Some more comments came in.

Once everyone had spoken out their heart, the Stranger asked "While you waited for tomorrow you must have thought how to do better?". Everyone nodded. He continued "What if you just thought that there is always another minute to win when you play". They said "Sure it can be done. We will not only be enjoying the game but also continuously thinking of winning!"

Now each one had a kind of a liberated feeling and became very enthusiastic - they had just got a Powerful Insight.

Now the Stranger asked them to think of something that would remind them of enjoying the game but at the same time continuously learning by seeing their results. Each one thought for himself calmly as the Stranger bid goodbye and moved on.