Have we stopped vividly imagining?

Way back in 1980s I used to visit my cousin’s library in 8th block almost every day to pick up a book, a magazine or a comic. The 1.3 km walk to the library was a very energizing as I used to think whom all I would be able to meet there at the library. Library those days was a very important part of the day for many. Once at the library, my cousin would speak to each member patiently and recommend the books, magazines and comics that they may want to check out. Of course, the members too weren’t in a hurry and were more than pleased to wait. After all the pleasantries, sometimes even exceeding an hour, I would walk back 1.3 km again with the pleasant memories of the discussions/insights.

Many of you may remember those days with just AM/SW (AIR and Vividhbarathi) Radio and Telephones with very few affluent in the society and cars with even lesser families. The options to engage oneself were just talking/playing in a group, playing solitaire with a physical pack of 52 cards, listening to sound track of movies on Sundays or, of course, watching movies in theaters. There weren’t many eateries too. General hygiene was rather poor.

Paralleling this to today’s world, makes me wonder if the emotional connect and the unlimited ability of the human mind to imagine has been fully dampened on the one hand with the innumerous individual engagement options and on the other even more mechanical working with significantly matured business needing just repetitive both at home and work.

I think that focused improvement of the already matured processes through a forum for a structured dialogue between likeminded people the doHow™ way by thinking/speaking of one’s ABHYASA (Habit in Sanskrit) for Acquired knowledge | Belief of the ideal state | Honest reality | Yearning plan | Action with passion | Studied outcomes | Awareness/Feelings, especially for a matured process will create the same energy levels as in the library during 1980s and enthuse people to rekindle their imagination – so unique to the human race.

Happy Reading!