Inspirational leadership for all!

During my early corporate career, I used to mostly prepare the presentations for my bosses to successfully participate in meetings. I always used to wonder how they would always come back with questions to be answered. Later as I grew within the organisation, I remember all meetings or interactions with my superiors, including the then group CEO of a 100 billion EUR company now with 300k employees worldwide, when I came out with at least a couple of unanswered questions. These then were the drivers for me till our next interaction. I believe these questions needing descriptive answers created a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.

Many a times I wondered how come they always wished something more and were never satisfied – maybe this was the German culture I thought. When I saw the same phenomenon in countries like Japan, Sweden, France, Switzerland,… I was convinced that this was part of the DNA of these continuously improving and innovating cultures.

Now interacting with various companies, I realise that this consistent encouragement starting with the Owner/Proprietor/Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer is mostly missing. The main value addition that I have been able to provide to my clients is this encouragement and questioning on very specific topics based on every organisation that is different with changing challenges.

I have listed below a couple of topics selected at random from our doHow™ APP.

  • Experience in consistently Maintaining an overview of all tasks and buffers the best way
  • Experience in consistently Connecting any assigned task to the purpose the best way
  • Experience in consistently Discovering the positives/benefits from any task the best way
  • Experience in consistently Inspiring and professionally managing people the best way
  • Experience in consistently Direct/indirect value stream mapping and designing the best way
  • Experience in consistently Driving continuous improvements (Individual | Team) the best way
  • Experience in consistently Enforcing design guidelines and boundaries/limits the best way

It was quite an excitement to me as anyone whom I asked such topics from the doHow™ always naturally identified at least 2-3 extremely important yet unfortunately forgotten tasks to be done. Imagine the effect if everyone would start asking at least one person every day on key result area to inspire thinking. Won’t we then utilise out unlimited brain power in a more focused way for achieving progress with peace?

Try experiencing your loved ones speak about an experience.

Happy inspiring!