Learning from sports on scoring and scoreboards.

Upfront I want to ask you when are these sports played without scoring? The possible answers could be i) while just practicing the technique or ii) while dawdling with your favourite sport.

It would be great if you took a couple of minutes to close your eyes and imagine your feelings during such times that you either played yourself or watched someone play without scoring. I am sure there must have been some very specific reason in playing without scoring.

I am sure you can resonate with me in concluding that in sports it is quite natural to keep a score even for the roadside play and whenever not scoring there is a specific reason for not doing so.

Before I parallel scoring to business I want to list out some of the commonalities between business and sports, especially team ones.

  1. Playing rules are established, compliance is checked by statutory authorities
  2. The main objective is to compete and win over the competition
  3. Inspired people with passion and determination are the key to success
  4. A uniformly agreed/owned strategy to win/succeed is present
  5. Each one excelling in specific roles is necessary for success
  6. The faster you receive well and pass on correctly higher is the success
  7. Generally, one person calls the shots and always has a deputy
  8. Every player in sports practices even outside the game on their own and the successful players in business practice outside the working hours on their own

I believe it is appropriate to compare the scoring, scorecards and scoreboards.

I have seen an updated scoreboard (Visualisation Board) in just a handful of companies. Otherwise most others play with each one imagining the score on their own. Analogically wouldn’t this be the similar just practicing or dawdling while in business everyone is playing to make a living!

Please take a walk around your company and look for UPDATED scoreboards to validate a correlation between the updated ones and performance/learning. I am sure you will agree with my recommendation of introducing a scoreboard for the right metrics to experience better performance.

Happy thinking and playing!