How to master your soft skills naturally?

It is really amazing as an adult to see pre-school and nursery kids naturally befriend without any intuitions. I believe each one is born with this most desired quality for success. Unfortunately as we grow up we go through a lot of conditioning that inhibits most of the great qualities we were born with. One approach would be attend training sessions on soft skills and the other that I advocate here is to think and speak about the following topics with your close contacts and attentively listen to them as they speak.

  • My Most Valuable People | My relationships | My trust levels | Me as a team player | Me as a collaborator | My accountability |  My delegation with support to succeed | Me pushing my friends excel.
  • My Values | My Purpose | My goals | My passion | My motivation | My planning | My routines | Me taking the first step to bring people together with an inspiring shared vision.
  • My Self Awareness (Knowing/Feeling Thyself) | My Social Awareness (Knowing/Feeling Others) My unconditional love and trust | My understanding of team dynamics.
  • My subject expertise | My perfection | My attention to detail | My outlook on standards | My sensitivity to deviations | My reaction to mistakes.
  • My inward (listen/sense/feel) and outward (verbal/non-verbal/written) communication | Appropriate content/timing | Authenticity |  Core message clarity | Friendly tone | Witty at times.
  • Me consulting others | Others naturally collaborating with me | Shared vision | Win-win outcomes | Natural reporting of any change | Inclusive decision making.
  • After Action Reviews with the involved on Like to Like Comparisons | Assumptions | Common Understanding | Outcome | Execution | Learning to facilitate group learning.

Focussing on the Inspiration, Passion, Inquisitiveness, Meticulousness and Caring for others makes us a more valuable person making the soft skills evolve naturally.

Finally, recognising that each one of us can only influence the future and not the past, is a strong motivator to start with the basics by just thinking, speaking and attentively listening to improve the soft skills.
Happy Reading!