How to improve the success rate of your Start-up?

STARTUP is like a baby. As is the case with life needing the parents to be hale and healthy to avoid congenital disorders, the Founders must have proved to be masters in their respective domains and have a noble purpose. The almost stagnant average human life expectancy of 30-40Y increased consistently to around 70Y after the scientific understanding of the cause and effect. The same could happen with the start-ups too! Thinking and discussing the following topics in the founding team will naturally make the start-up more robust.

  • How clear am I with my purpose for assuming a leadership role?
  • Making sure that I have a mindset to be part of a start-up
  • How good am I with Services for Starting-up a Business
  • How focussed am I when it comes to Story Telling for Generating Sales Orders
  • How good am I with Elevator Pitch for Marketing
  • How good am I choosing and using the various enablers for marketing.
  • How good am I with Referral Partners for Marketing
  • How good am I with Trust Building for Marketing
  • How well do I know the market, both Existing and Potential.
  • How good am I proactively building relationships with the focus customers for soft selling.
  • How good am I with Order Acquisition for Generating Sales.
  • How strong are the basics for the growth strategy.
  • How good am I with Finance for Starting-up a Business
  • How good am I with Project Priorities for Project Management
  • How good am I with Tasks for Project Tasks Execution

Regularly thinking of Passion, Uniqueness, Services, Network, Finance, Project Management and Eco System to create value innovation to the customers naturally increases the success rate of a start-up.

Finally, recognising that each one of us can only influence the future and not the past, is a strong motivator to start with the basics by building a strong foundation with a noble purpose combined with passion.
Happy Reading!