Want to how the PLANNING STRETCH can be used for consistent target fulfilment?

It is quite common, especially when we are travelling to reach on time, to always start with a small buffer to reach on time against the MURPHY's LAW. On the other hand, when it comes to business relying on hope is quite common after having planned very closely even though the variables both internal and external are much more than during a travel. I have listed some hints on how to go about with PLANNING STRETCH for effectively achieving the business targets.

  • The purpose of the planning stretch is known to all the stakeholders.
  • Planning stretch is proportional to the degree of the unknown variables.
  • Method of calculating/computing planning stretch is defined/documented.
  • Synchronised with all KRAs for supportive work environment (Doesn't result in conflicts).
  • The maturity (Recipe-Flour-Dough-Baked-Iced-Served-Eaten) of the individual measures established.
  • Data capturing/computing methodology for the latest estimates is traceable to source.
  • Gaps to Goal & Measures are regularly monitored, preferably once a week.
  • Additional measures are developed to bridge the latest estimate and planning stretch.
  • The extent of planning stretch is updated based on actuals, at maximum once a year.

Checking the previous actuals, target, month to date, latest estimate with all planned measures and the maturity of the measures reinforces the need and the extent of the planning stretch.

Finally, recognising that each one of us can only influence the future and not the past, is a strong motivator to start with the basics by providing the planning stretch for all the business goals/targets.
Happy Reading!