Want to know how STRATEGY can be effectively deployed?

Normally for a simple routine task a STRATEGY isn't needed at all, since all the variables are known. Even for complex individual tasks just personally thinking through combined with a plan B is sufficient enough. However, when it comes to group tasks a STRATEGY becomes mandatory, as every member perceives the reality differently. When it comes to organisations, converting the STRATEGY to routines is possibly the only way to ensure effectiveness. I have listed some hints for effective deployment of STRATEGY.

  • Clear definition of the boundaries and framework through Values, Mission and Vision.
  • Common understanding of the objective reality is achieved by using validated Information and Facts.
  • Common understanding of the subjective reality is achieved by debating and establishing maturity.
  • SMART Goals derived from the Values, Mission and Vision have been understood by all.
  • Jointly developed and agreed upon approaches are converted to Daily | Weekly | Monthly routine tasks.
  • Sufficient approaches are planned to over achieve the goals for accommodating surprises.
  • Culture is used as a medium to empower everyone to act independently during uncertain times.
  • All the necessary roles are identified and the personnel trained to thoroughly fulfil the roles.
  • Purpose, Standards, Targets, Routines, Expected outcomes are understood uniformly by all.
  • Thorough buy-in is ensured (Sama | Respect / Dana | Carrot / Bheda | Differentiate / Danda | Stick).
  • Full kitting is practiced before commencing any task and bad multi-tasking is avoided.
  • The variations between repetitive jobs is hardly noticeable and a natural continuous flow is evident.
  • The results are visualised for anyone to perceive the status against the goals within a couple of seconds.
  • Regular After Action Reviews are conducted in Review Meetings to continuously readjust and refine.

Regularly checking the degree of satisfaction of all the stakeholders (Shareholders/Management, Customers, Employees, Vendors/Suppliers, Society/Family/Friends) reinforces the  effective deployment of the strategy.

Finally, recognising that each one of us can only influence the future and not the past, is a strong motivator to start with the basics to make the strategy more effective.
Happy Reading!