Want to know why CURRENT REALITY is important for success?

The CURRENT REALITY at any given point of time is perceived by an individual based on the understanding of the cause and effect developed over time - science. The actions initiated by this perception defines the individual culture and the collective culture is the DNA of a company. Creating a common CURRENT REALITY is the key to the natural harmony so much needed for excellence. I have listed how a common understanding of the current reality can be created.

  • The Key Performance Indicators cascaded from the top management targets are standardised in an unambiguous way of computing from the clearly defined and traceable sources.
  • The appropriate updated KPI data (Previous, Target, Actual, Estimate, Forecast) is available to all the respective people and they always at random personally first validate the data tracing back to the source before thinking, discussing or deciding.
  • The people are trained in methodologies like Going to Gemba (Sensing first hand), Current Reality Tree, Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats Analysis, Political-Economic-Social-Technological-Legal-Environmental Analysis, Market Canvas, etc. that support common group perception of subjective metrics and use them extensively to always evolve a common understanding.
  • The reports always contain a recommendation for decision/action after having answered Why, Where, When, What, Who and How thoroughly.
  • The formats of all the reports are standardised and additionally all the reports have a continuity by clearly indicating a change in status, so that the people can capture the information almost instantaneously.
  • Pat on the back based on the positive feedback and recognitions for agility and effective and smooth implementation of decisions, even the critical ones, etc.

Regularly assessing process maturity,  feeling the harmony in the organisation, checking the maturity of escalations and collecting feedback on standardised behaviour will reinforce the thorough perception of current reality.

Finally, recognising that each one of us can only influence the future and not the past is a strong motivator to start making sure that the current reality is understood commonly before acting.
Happy Reading!