Want to know why GOALS & TARGETS are important for success?

Time, 24h in a day with ~8h of productive time for everyone, being the main limitation to the lot of things that can be done both in work and life, choosing what to do or prioritising is the most common strategy that is adapted to manage this dilemma. The GOALS & TARGETS are the foundation for effective prioritising.  I have listed how to work with the Goals and Targets, that are derived from the purpose.

  • The Goals (Broad descriptions of the desired state) and Targets (Precise definitions of the degree of success) are derived from the purpose covering all the areas like Personal Aspirations, People (Family, relatives, friends, peers, superiors, subordinates, partners, customers, clients, vendors, suppliers, officials, public, etc.), Leadership, Expertise/Learning, Finance, Infrastructure/Assets, Management/Systems/Methodology, Speed/Agility, etc.
  • What to focus on to attain each of the Goals and Targets is known and these are converted to Daily/Weekly tasks to make them manageable.
  • The facts, data, information and perceptions concerning the Goals and Targets are regularly captured for understanding the cause and effect.
  • All the activities are regularly filtered to increase only those supporting the Goals and Targets for enhancing the effectiveness while making sure that there still is some time everyday without any agenda for just Chilling Out and enjoying | experiencing the life by just living in the present.
  • The progress towards the Goals and Targets is reviewed calmly at least once a week and on the one hand additional approaches developed and on the other the Goals and Targets adjusted without jeopardising the purpose.
  • Pat on the back based on the positive feedback and recognitions for effectiveness, dependency, focus, time management, etc.

Understanding failures/success, focussing on performance consistency, assessing the progress, seeking feedback, assessing maturity and checking on the effectiveness will reinforce the purpose.

Finally, recognising that each one of us can only influence the future and not the past is a strong motivator to start reviewing the goals and targets for enhancing the effectiveness.
Happy Reading!