Want to know why PEOPLE are important for success?

Family, relatives, friends, peers, superiors, subordinates, partners, customers, clients, vendors, suppliers, officials, public, etc. are an integral part of one's work/life. Healthy relationships with all these PEOPLE will provide the necessary boost for SUCCESS. I have listed how to build and maintain trustworthy relationships with these most valuable people.

  • List all the people, preferably by names, necessary for fulfilling the purpose.
  • Get introduced through the known people and get to know the listed people.
  • Get to know the expectations of all the listed people by proactively engaging in a discussion and actively listening to their needs.
  • Politely communicate what is expected of them after understanding them to their satisfaction.
  • Make sure that they are trained to meet the expectations, else recommend appropriate training modules and encourage getting trained.
  • Develop trust by demonstrating unconditional love and proactively giving (Advice Seeking, Advising, Blogging, Collaborating, Complementing, Endorsing, Introducing, Inviting, Nominating, Promoting, Recognising, Recommending, Referring, etc.).
  • Ensure that they are motivated and enthused in meeting the expectations by creating a shared purpose.
  • Meet regularly for a open heart to heart discussion and mutual insights.
  • Pat on the back and be honestly proud for their successes apart from congratulating from the bottom of the heart.

Recognising favourable/adverse events, checking on the effectiveness, feeling the unconditional love, monitoring the time spent for giving and counting trustworthy relationships will strengthen the relationships with the most valuable people.

Finally, recognising that each one of us can only influence the future and not the past is a strong motivator to start building trustworthy relationships with the most valuable people..
Happy Reading!