Want to know why PURPOSE is important for success?

Any action, both conscious and unconscious, that one performs in, as human beings, can be linked to Survival, Progeny, Group/Herd, Mankind/Evolution. The stronger the link, stronger is the inspiration, passion and desire. The clarity on PURPOSE is the most fundamental driver for SUCCESS. I have listed the how to create and inculcate a strong purpose both as an individual and as an organisation with individuals.

  • Identify the stakeholders and understand their expectations proactively by just asking.
  • Consolidate the expectations after choosing those that are worth living for and rephrase it to derive the "Mission".
  • List out the "Values" to define the behaviour that are necessary and support the mission.
  • Envision life 10Y hence after having lived the values and the mission. Describe this condition as the "Vision".
  • Review the relevance of the VMV at least once a year and make sure that it touches the heart of everyone involved and is worth living for.
  • Regularly review all the actions and consciously encourage those with linkages to the VMV and dampen/ignore those without.
  • Apart from "Walking the Talk" question others on their individual/organisation purpose and encourage to evolve a noble one.
  • Pat on the back based on the positive feedback and recognitions for passion, consistency, determination, inspiration, role model, etc.

Understanding failures/success, focussing on performance consistency, assessing the progress, recognising favourable/adverse events, seeking feedback, checking on the effectiveness, assessing maturity, feeling the passion and counting trustworthy relationships will reinforce the purpose.

Finally, recognising that each one of us can only influence the future and not the past is a strong motivator to start creating and living a noble purpose.
Happy Reading!