Chaos or Order on the 70th Independence Day of India

I got this thought of Chaos or Order, today on the 70th Independence Day of India, as I recollected the Order in Traffic during our stay in Germany in contrast to experiencing Chaos almost every day driving around Namma Bengaluru. I thought that we may have transitioned to Chaos in traffic over the last three to four decades when I remember the good old Namma Bengaluru days.

The question “Is this an adverse development only in the traffic or can it be generalised and perceived as a sample of the development so far in Independent India?” really intrigued me as I thought through to understand the cause and effect, so that I can think how the next decades may be and what could possibly be done to really improve the quality of life in Namma Bengaluru.

Some civilisations (GEOGRAPHICALLY CALLED CITIES, STATES, COUNTRIES...) today are part of the developed economies, some part of the emerging economies and some part of the under developed economies. The access to information, knowledge and power was grossly limited to a very few elite when today’s developed economies were emerging economies. Possibly this situation could have led to this very few defining the path after thoroughly thinking through and the rest following with negligible uncertainties. Probably this not only created consistent orderly progress but also created a society constantly aiming for improvement in efficiencies to attain perfection.

Surprisingly though the same approach is adapted very successfully to manage change in any of the global enterprises today (Refer the Practice “Strategy” under General Business and then Top Management in our doHow™ APP www.samuthana.com/doHow/ for thorough understanding and effective deployment of strategy).

Looking back at our situation, maybe under the pretext of “Independence” and “Democracy” almost everyone may have assumed and even today be assuming the access to information, knowledge and power for defining paths after shallow thinking making it almost impossible for the others to see rationale and thus encouraging them to do the same. This is really a vicious circle hampering progress in the quality of life while the GDP keeps growing.

I then checked these data for Germany, China and India 1960s onwards to validate my hypothesis:

On the one hand Germany’s massive mission to resume after the 2nd World War most probably would have naturally created a sense of urgency with a strong purpose in everyone to create an order. On the other China’s strong and stable Government’s ambitious mission to come to a dominating global position would have forcibly ensured a sense of urgency and purpose in everyone to create an order.

Is not having a powerful common mission since the Independence a big setback for India? Is a sense of urgency and purpose in everyone to create an order not needed in India? How could our future look like with today’s access to information, knowledge and power combined with the Chaos that exists?

I believe that the local industry will be thoroughly overwhelmed by the foreign companies, since the emphasis so far has been on Contract R&D, Contract Engineering, Contract Manufacturing, Contract Services... with the IP belonging to a foreign source. Apart from this, meticulousness and perseverance, the core factors for innovation is generally missing from our domestic industries and civic bodies. The effect will surely be the further widening of the Rich and Poor gap! Well then, how can this be avoided?

A shake-up is always necessary for change and this must happen at the top of the pyramid, as has been the case with the change management be it in companies or progressive governments. Therefore, I believe holding every elected member to any civic body accountable for socio economic metrics at least on a quarterly basis is the key to creating Order from Chaos. Firstly, should a base level not be achieved within 2 quarters, then he/she must be automatically sacked from the position apart from, secondly, making the sanctioning of the grants based on the development of these metrics – in effect creating a sort of a market place for the socio economic indicators for the smallest ward. Of course, to this effect a Law needs to be created and the Bill passed.

Some IT based automation should not be a problem to compute the metrics like

  • Lead Times to Resolve Citizen Issues, Pay Bills, Complete Infrastructure Projects,…
  • % Homes with Access to Electricity, Treated Water, Sewage Treatment, Garbage Handling,…
  • % Children going to Primary School, Secondary School, Colleges,….
  • % Population covered under some healthcare scheme, covered under some insurance,…
  • GDP from the Ward, Per Capita Income from the Ward, Unemployment rate,….
  • Infact mortality, Average age,……
  • % Businesses defaulting and not complying to the guidelines,…
  • ……………………………………………………………………………………

Even these metrics and the targets the people desire can be part of every election!!!

Once this is done, then every elected representative will be forced by law to publish these indicators, fix targets based on electoral desire and explain the measures taken and planned to reach these targets.

I hope the 70th Year of our Independence will make us think out of the box and create a great tomorrow for our next generations. Wishing us all the very best!

Happy Independence Day!