Why was the doHow™ APP developed?

Over a period of 5 years in Germany, I worked on developing good business practices and deployment in order to stay ahead of competition and realise global benefits in all the continents.  Our rapid success was attainable because we had a maturity model with KEY SUCCESS FACTORS which called for assessing units who still had more to learn from the more advanced ones and helped them to catch up. This kind of internal competition was necessary in order to beat the external ones.

Having implemented and experienced success on a global scale, I now apply the same principle for my local consultancy assignments, taking time to regularly review the maturity level of their KEY SUCCESS FACTORS and their KEY SUCCESS METRICS.  Because of the encouraging results I got from the programme, I decided to develop the doHow™ APP, which works on the same principle.

The doHow™ APP has made the transformation of any organisation, whether it is just a micro enterprise with very few people or a global enterprise with thousands of people involved in various countries to be child’s play.

Step one is the identification of the main areas of focus and deriving the KEY SUCCESS FACTORS AND METRICS and thereafter developing a MATURITY MODEL using the above named factors. This is where the services of external consultants like Samuthána Consultancoaching LLP is required to help with dealing the situation internally. For a micro enterprise, this can be done in a couple of days while for a mega or global enterprise, a couple of weeks might be needed.













Step two involves only about 2 hours for content creation in the doHow™ APP as a practice. After this, the content is translated to all languages spoken in the company. This translation process might take up to a week depending on the number of languages spoken in the company.

Step three involves the conduction of mass sessions of doHow™ aided by TECHNOLOGY involving about a hundred participants who would spend about 3 hours in introspective peer learning in order to confirm the maturity level. This step can be completed within a month via both virtual and physical means.

Few days after the intention to transform the enterprise, step four becomes active in a micro enterprise and they key players can now have the maturity model installed on their Android devices with constant notifications system for checking the maturity of the practice. For a global or mega enterprise, step 4 becomes active after a couple of months from start of transformation. Generally, improvement is seen in the way things are done, after just 6 to 8 weeks.

Any organisation can be transformed within a period of about 6 months to take on the next challenge. Any ambitious individual can also use this model to improve productivity rapidly and reach great heights. Within a short time, this practice becomes sustainable naturally when the maturity is being reviewed regularly.

Visit www.samuthana.com  to learn more convincing information about this product and I will be delighted to help you with this great product in person.

All the best in transforming your enterprise!!!