Do you get annoyed with indiscipline?

Yesterday I was intrigued with the chaotic Bengaluru early morning traffic as I drove to Leela Palace for a panel discussion on Industry-Institute Partnership and Skilling : Gearing up for tomorrow in the CII Manufacturing Conference. The same thought of chaos was ringing in my mind as I waited for my turn to present on Skilling.

I thought of writing this experience since it has in my opinion a lot to do with the skill. When we learn from books, journals, magazines, google, notes, booklets, etc. our conscious mind is the one in action. However when we start practicing regularly whatever we learnt, we internalize the know how as subconscious routines for then performing these tasks subconsciously.

There was an overwhelming yes from the audience when I asked if they had problems of indiscipline in their organisations and life around them. I then asked if they has been to any skating tings - either the ones for roller skates or ice skates and seen both the learners and skaters skate. I am sure anyone would agree that the learners skating looks really chaotic, since the conscious mind is in action in this case. However when the skaters skate is seems musical, since the almost perfect zero defect subconscious is in action. Having liked the conscious and the subconscious I went on to explain that the reason for indiscipline is the conscious mind in action to accomplish a task with low skill levels, which for an onlooker seems like indiscipline. However on the other hand whenever we have felt discipline, I am convinced that mainly the subconscious is in action and therefore the skill levels are very high.

Paralleling this insight on to the traffic, I believe the lack of skill and our conscious mind wanting to reach the goal the fastest creates the chaos in the traffic. This goes back to way the driving is thought and way the licenses get issued in India.

I can parallel this to Europe and the Americas where I have driven quite a lot and also had the opportunity to go through the driving tests , where the instructor clearly looks for cues of subconsciously being able to drive defensively, like when the driver looks at the mirror, when does the driver switch on the indicator, when does the driver turn back to look, etc. apart from obviously following the traffic rules.

You may want to think from a different perspective when you get annoyed with indiscipline. Should you want to get the skills enhanced you may please check out our doHow™ APP.

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