Clearing the mind

Shyam who is part of the doHow™ Animation was finding it extremely difficult to listen activelymanage his time well and make effective presentations. He used to blame himself and others for his difficulty.

While Ram who is also a part of the doHow™ Animation could effortlesslylisten activelymanage his time well and make effective presentations.

Shyam met Ram to check out what Ram’s magic mantra was! Their conversation follows:

SHYAM: Hi Ram, how are you doing?

RAM: Hi Shyam, I am doing fine! How about you?

SHYAM: You see, I am really amazed how you are so relaxed and yet very effective? I find it extremely difficult! Please tell me what your magic mantra is.

RAM: Oh I see! doHow™ APP is my magic mantra Shyam. You can also use it and become more effective. Just visit www.samuthana.com/doHow/ and sign-in. Download a practice you want to become perfect in and just start using thedoHow™ APP. Let me show you how it worked for me. Please download Time Management under Work | Life and Soft Skills.

SHYAM: Got it! Just a moment please. (After 5 minutes). Done! I have downloaded Time Management to my Home screen. Shall I now select this?

RAM: Yes, please! You may check out the details under the Overview tab and move on to the Reference tab. You need to now select your reference for Time Management from Not yet identified, A Book I read, A Video I watched, An Audio I listened, A training I attended, My coach, doHow™, Other. This is like the NORTH STAR for sailors.

SHYAM: I will select My coach, now that I am with you. What do I do now?

RAM: Move on to the Trigger tab. The Trigger tab is where you keep choosing your trigger for practicing your competence in Time Management, so that your mind can capture this and create a crave in you for reviewing your competence. The more you review and learn the more you perfect like in School where our teachers used to get us to revise regularly to learn well. Once you have perfected and acquired this SKILL, you will be able to effortlessly perform with your sub-conscious doing the job for you. You will then love yourself as you consistently become effective!

SHYAM: Wow! Awesome! I will choose Specific day/time for Sundays and Specific task is completed for my morning walk. Shall I now move on to the Recap tab.

RAM: Yes! Here you can see when and where you practiced reviewing your competence in Time Management and very importantly enter your Challenge as a robust methodology to recap.

SHYAM: Sure! But it just says “Nothing to Recap, since you are practicing for the first time. You may please continue to Checklist tab.”

RAM: Of course! You can recap only when you have once practiced! Correct! Select Next or move to the Checklist tab. Now is when we actually pay very nominal amount for using this service. So every time you practice the amount gets deducted from your wallet. Time Management costs just five rupees, lesser than a cup of coffee!!! Now you may please select that you are practicing with a coach. Otherwise you can practice by yourself. The only difference is the number of the questions you need to answer. With coach all and by yourself just one!

SHYAM: OK! Now I see My Core Purpose, Clearing the Mind, Goal Setting, Self-control, Preparation and Planner. What are these?

RAM: These are called the KEY SUCCESS FACTORS developed by Samuthána Consultancoaching LLP based on their wisdom. They are very relevant! If you want to know some detailed information, then you can click on the i, otherwise just select one. Let me explain.

SHYAM: I will choose “Clearing the Mind” it seems something different. The first question is “Sub-conscious is only trying to protect me?”. Should I choose Agree or Disagree?

RAM: Yes. But before that explain to me why you want to choose wither of them.

SHYAM: I disagree of course. I am protecting myself.

RAM: Is sub-conscious not part of you? You do walk a lot don’t you? How many possibilities you have to trip and fall down and how many times have fallen down in your life so far? You keep walking without any conscious effort, don’t you?

SHYAM: Yes, I can get what you are saying. But what about the other times like decision making. I always analyse and decide consciously.

RAM: Just think back? Haven’t you decided on gut feel almost instantaneously, like maybe something as simple as either to shake hands with some you met or not. Each of these is a decision you made. If you think of all such decisions haven’t you felt very often that what you did was the right thing?

SHYAM: Now I get it, I tend to agree but still am not convinced.

RAM: OK you may then choose disagree and keep thinking and researching. I am sure you will get convinced and will start appreciating all your actions and respecting your sub-conscious to be your greatest well-wisher. Once you have reached this stage you naturally stop blaming yourself for your actions and start enjoying every moment.

SHYAM: I will choose disagree then. The next question is “Sub-conscious learns just Good(+)/Bad(-) automatically from experiences?”. I believe that sub-conscious learns through the conscious mind.

RAM: Only us humans have the ability to consciously think. All our ancestors don’t. Of course we learn consciously too, but the much more capable sub-conscious with its only purpose of protecting learns from when it was a good experience and when it was a bad experience. Can you think how you trained your dog? Haven’t you heard of the carrot and stick approach in companies? Oh yes, when you are using the doHow™ APP on your own you get to answer a next level question only when you have confirmed the previous level with a green answer – in this case “Agree”. However now that you are discussing with me as your coach you can understand all the questions.

SHYAM: Now I get the idea and could connect the highly emotionally charged mythological stories irrespective of the religion. All have stories that create a good or bad experience within each one of us. This then becomes the basis of our value system. So cool it is! I will choose “Agree”.

RAM: But be clear that when you practice alone the next time this question will not pop-up unless you have convinced yourself on the first one and you have chosen “Agree” sincerely.

SHYAM: Sure. The next question is “Some Good(+)/Bad(-) memories (Genetic Memory) gets passed on through DNA (Phobias)?” I “Disagree”.

RAM: Have you heard of “Genetic Memory”? How come prodigies are so capable? How come we have phobias? You may want to research for yourself and find out.

SHYAM: I will surely do so. But for now I will choose “Disagree” and go to the next question “Thoughts are driven by the sub-conscious?”. I consciously generate thoughts not the sub-conscious! I “Disagree”.

RAM: Like I had said earlier a higher level question can be attempted only after choosing the correct answer for the earlier ones. That is how your SKILL DEVELOPS. However, let me try asking you to do this simple exercise. Just close your eyes and think of nothing for a minute. The time starts now.

SHYAM: OK! Simple! (After one minute)! I thought of so many things in just one minute – my next meeting, what to buy for my wife’s birthday, I need to call my friend, I forgot paying my phone bill,…….. It is crazy. I want to think of this a bit. But for now I “Disagree”.

RAM: Sure. Don’t be so harsh on yourself. You may have to try not thinking for a minute over months to be really not thinking for a couple of seconds, since our sub-conscious is always active. These couple of seconds of blankness is when you connect with the cosmic source and are at total peace!

SHYAM: Great Gyan to learn! The next question is “Consciously acknowledging my feelings/thoughts and just focussing on the senses calms my mind?”. What does this mean? Of course I “Disagree”.

RAM: Rightly so. When you become in sync with your sub-conscious and consciously recognise your feelings and emotions then your mind calms down for maybe about an hour, during which you can fully concentrate on the present. Try experimenting and choose to “Agree” only after you are convinced.

SHYAM: Sure will do. Moving on to the next question “Practice calming my mind regularly?”. Not yet! “Disagree”.

RAM: OK. I explained my insights as I discovered the way to calm my mind by using the doHow™ APP. I am sure you will also start an exciting journey as you discover insights using the doHow™ APP. Now the last question.

SHYAM: “Can calm my mind whenever I want?”. Not yet, but am sure will reach there very soon. I “Disagree” now. Now I get the hang of it.

RAM: What you did was just one KEY SUCCESS FACTOR. Let us quickly go through the others too.

SHYAM: Sure. (After 1h). It is really great Ram. doHow™ APP is a very comprehensive tool for SKILL DEVELOPMENT. I also realise that I need to sweat it out. But I clearly see the bright colourful light at the end of the tunnel. What else does the doHow™ APP  offer?

RAM: Now move on to the Scorecard tab and enter your success metric.

SHYAM: Oh yes! My effectiveness score for Time Management – I would say 2.

RAM: Great! I really appreciate your sincerity! Check out the Scoreboard to see your development over time. And make notes of what the outcome was in the Results tab.

SHYAM: I have updated my weekly plan – a big step for me. I also updated my to-do list with lots to experiment. I am very excited.

RAM: Remember unless you are at a very high maturity level, you may still not be able to do may items you wanted to do. Don’s get disheartened! Now please do a self-rating of the benefit, inspiration and your sub conscious competence or SKILL. Once all these three are high, whatever you do becomes your passion and it is just like eternal bliss.

SHYAM: I see. Of course I still have a long time to go. Does the next tab show the Self-rating graph with the development over time?

RAM: Precisely. Now I can rate you for your Organisation and Maturity. Of course both will be quite low, since you are starting your journey just now. You may of course be discussing with various coaches, typically your well-wisher who is better that you in that practice. You can also check the development over time!

SHYAM: Got it! Oh cool! I can get a report for myself and send one to you as well before submitting.

RAM: Of course. Now that you have been introduced to the doHow™ APP I am sure your effectiveness will improve exponentially. Please note that working on more than 3 practices at a time can be very challenging and tiring. I am sure you will realise how many to work on simultaneously. All the very best!

SHYAM: Thanks a lot Ram. I will surely need your coaching later too.

RAM: Anytime!

Going ahead in this manner Shyam too became very effective and could effortlessly listen activelymanage his time well and make effective presentations. He then lived happily for ever after!!!

Happy reading!