How to plan a ZERO defect process?

Shyam who is part of the doHow™ Animation was finding it extremely difficult to plan the measurement methodology, frequency and control based on the characteristics and specifications to achieve ZERO defect. He used to blame himself and others for his difficulty.

While Ram who is also a part of the doHow™ Animation could effortlesslywork on Inspection/Control of Components.

Shyam met Ram to check out what Ram’s magic mantra was! Their conversation follows:

SHYAM: Hi Ram, how are you doing?

RAM: Hi Shyam, I am doing fine! How about you?

SHYAM: You see, I am really amazed how you are so relaxed and yet very effective for planning the measurement methodology, frequency and control based on the characteristics and specifications to achieve ZERO defect? I find it extremely difficult! Please tell me what your magic mantra is.

RAM: Oh I see! doHow™ APP is my magic mantra Shyam. You can also use it and become more effective. Just visit www.samuthana.com/doHow/ and sign-in. Download a practice you want to become perfect in and just start using thedoHow™ APP. Let me show you how it worked for me. Please downloadInspection/Control of Components under Manufacturing and Engineering (R&D).

SHYAM: Got it! Just a moment please. (After 5 minutes). Done! I have downloaded Inspection/Control of Components to my Home screen. Shall I now select this?

RAM: Yes, please! You may check out the details under the Overview tab and move on to the Reference tab. You need to now select your reference for Inspection/Control of Components from Not yet identified, A training I did, Our customer's guidelines, doHow™ and Other. This is like the NORTH STAR for sailors.

SHYAM: I will select doHow™, now that I am using the doHow™ APP. What do I do now?

RAM: Move on to the Trigger tab. The Trigger tab is where you keep choosing your trigger for practicing your competence in Strategy, so that your mind can capture this and create a crave in you for reviewing your competence. The more you review and learn the more you perfect like in School where our teachers used to get us to revise regularly to learn well. Once you have perfected and acquired this SKILL, you will be able to effortlessly perform with your sub-conscious doing the job for you. You will then love yourself as you consistently become effective!

SHYAM: Wow! Awesome! I will choose Specific day/time for Tuesdays and Specific task is completed for our morning meeting. Shall I now move on to the Recap tab.

RAM: Yes! Here you can see when and where you practiced reviewing your competence in Inspection/Control of Components and very importantly enter your Challenge as a robust methodology to recap.

SHYAM: Sure! But it just says “Nothing to Recap, since you are practicing for the first time. You may please continue to Checklist tab.”

RAM: Of course! You can recap only when you have once practiced! Correct! Select Next or move to the Checklist tab. Now is when we actually pay very nominal amount for using this service. So every time you practice the amount gets deducted from your wallet. Inspection/Control of Components costs just twenty-five rupees, lesser than a cup of cappuccino!!! Now you may please select that you are practicing with a coach. Otherwise you can practice by yourself. The only difference is the number of the questions you need to answer. With coach all the levels and by yourself just one level!

SHYAM: OK! Now I see Our Main Drivers, Basic Items, Information, Colleagues, Ballooning, Identifying Process Variables, Measuring Technology, Process/Measurement Capability, Preventive Quality Assurance, Control Plan Preparation, Measurement Objective and Control Plan Reporting. What are these?

RAM: These are called the KEY SUCCESS FACTORS developed by Samuthána Consultancoaching LLP based on their experience and wisdom. They are very relevant! If you want to know some detailed information, then you can click on the i, otherwise just select one. Let me explain.

SHYAM: I will start at the very beginning by choosing Our Main Drivers. The first question is “I have defined our Goals and review them regularly.” Of course I have! Can I choose “Agree”?

RAM: Yes. But before that explain to me why you want to choose “Agree”.

SHYAM: My goals were defined by my Boss during the annual performance appraisal. Therefore, I want to choose “Agree”.

RAM: Ok!!!! But what about the review? When did you check where you stand?

SHYAM: Oh yes! We were supposed to review every quarter. You know a lot of hectic. Didn’t really review so far. Maybe I need to check out myself!!! You cornered me. Now I have to choose “Disagree” then.

RAM: Shyam it is not about cornering you. The doHow™ APP is your very own real time coach. The more honest and correct you are the faster will you get the SKILL. I am glad you decided to select “Disagree” and review your goals once. You see this KEY SUCCESS FACTOR Our Main Drivers is extremely important to give you the meaning to what you are doing. Imagine if planning ZERO defect processes or in other words processes with 100% FTR (First Time Right) and 100% ETR (Every Time Right) weren’t your goals, then there is really no need to learn this skill. Do you see the motive?

SHYAM: Oh yes I do. Of course 100% FTR and ETR is one of the main goals I have. Can I move on to the next question “I know that it is essential to link Inspection/Control of Components for achieving our goals.”?

RAM: Of course you can. But unless you have cleared the first level with a positive response (Green) moving to the next level will not be necessary! If you are OK then close this window and move to the next KEY SUCCESS FACTOR.

SHYAM: OK. Then to Basic Items. The first question is “I have access to Working desk | Computer.” Of course I do. It is a “Yes”.

RAM: Great. Move on till you hit a “No”.

SHYAM: Next “I have sorted out Working desk | Computer and selected what I need.” “Yes” of course. “I have organised and arranged Working desk | Computer that I need neatly.” How the hell does the doHow™ APP know my workplace? The answer is a “No”. Ram I don’t need any explanation. I will go on to the next KEY SUCCESS FACTOR Information. The Question is “I get to know Customer Specific Requirements | Criticality of Characteristics | PPAP and FAIR Priorities | Customer Priorities | Decisions on Quality and Delivery on a timely manner.” Oh no! Of course I get to know but normally later than I need. The doHow™ APPseems to help me. I will choose “Disagree”.

RAM: You see it is done for the real world with just the basics. It just helps you focus on the right things for excelling at what you do.

SHYAM: So nice it is. The next KEY SUCCESS FACTOR is Colleagues. Again the first question “I know the key players amongst my Colleagues from Product Engineering | Shop Floor | Quality Engineers & Auditors | Indirect Materials | Sales.” Of course I do. “Yes”. Next “I have understood the expectations of my Colleagues from Product Engineering | Shop Floor | Quality Engineers & Auditors | Indirect Materials | Sales thoroughly.” I believe I have “Yes”. Next “I have communicated my expectations appropriately to my Colleagues from Product Engineering | Shop Floor | Quality Engineers & Auditors | Indirect Materials | Sales.” Oh! Here I am not sure I need to check out. Let me choose a “No”. Tell me Ram why is this a KEY SUCCESS FACTOR?

RAM: You see Shyam, I would define Engineering as “Making any solution (System, Product, Software, Service, etc.) available to the humanity globally through quality mass delivery in a safe, economical and sustainable manner encouraging continuous learning and progress”. From this perspective shouldn’t you know your colleagues and their expectations well to provide a robust solution?

SHYAM: I see Guruji! I will go to the next KEY SUCCESS FACTOR Ballooning. Wow!!! Objective of ballooning clear? Of course I know. It is to give each Characteristic a number. I will choose “Yes” and move on.

RAM: Stop! The objective of ballooning is not just to number the characteristics, but to link each characteristic with the various process steps so that ZERO defects can be achieved.

SHYAM: Maybe! But I haven’t gone that far. It was mainly for making a report for the customer, so that the customer can understand what we are reporting. You have given a different dimension all together. Let me think for a while. I will then choose “No” for now and move on to the next KEY SUCCESS FACTOR Identifying Process Variables. The first question is “Frequency of machine/equipment | material batch change | tool | fixture/clamping | wear parts | operator changes?” Oh my god! I never went into that depth. I choose “No”. I have a lot of homework to do.

RAM: That is precisely what doHow™ APP drives you to do. More so since you are answering to yourself and cheating yourself is generally not an option at all. Shyam the journey with doHow™ APP is tough, but very inspiring as you can see your effectiveness improve exponentially!

SHYAM: It is quite challenging to have somehow forgotten the basics. It has been a great discovery till now. The next KEY SUCCESS FACTOR is Measuring Technology. Question “SI Base Units (Meter - Length | Kilogram - Mass | Second - Time | Ampere - Electric Current | Kelvin - Temperature | Candela - Luminous Intensity | Mole - the Amount of Substance).” Oh this takes me back to college days. I choose “Know” of course. Next “Developing the Measurement Strategies for Length / Angle / Diameter / Mass / Time as well as for Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) from the Drawings.” Now it already becomes tough. I never thought of this I just used to specify Mic, Vernier, etc. without thinking the measurement strategy including clamping, referencing for repeatability and reproducibility. A clear “Don’t Know”. What next? How can I learn?

RAM: By observation of course! Go to Gemba! Your connections we spoke about earlier will be of great help now. Ask the experts there to help you. This is the faster way. The longer one is to wait for a training program and participate. I recommend to do so only after you have thoroughly tried the first one.

SHYAM: Surely will do so Ram. Good tips. The next KEY SUCCESS FACTOR is Process/Measurement Capability. This is going to be exiting “Complete up-to-date process documentation including process flow diagram and stage drawings available?” I choose “Yes”. We have them. Then “Process variables and especially the most frequent process variable identified?” “Noooo”! Now I know why we get sporadic defects!!!

RAM: Great! Move on!

SHYAM: The next KEY SUCCESS FACTOR is Preventive Quality Assurance. Question “The updated list of customer complaints is available.” “Yes” the next one “The updated list of internal defects is available.” I will choose “Yes”. It is almost complete. The next question “The updated list of system and process audit non compliances is available.” Oh my!!! It is bang on!!! “No” I don’t have. I want to explain this myself Ram. Unless all these are available all my preventive quality assurance will be only for filing!!! Got it!!!! Thanks!!!!

RAM: So you see! How easy it is! Initially it will appear difficult. But once you have practiced a couple of months then you will start loving yourself for such excellent work and start having a lot of time for yourself.

SHYAM: Shall I go on to the next KEY SUCCESS FACTOR Control Plan Preparation. The first question “I am Selecting Measurement Equipment | Defining the Checking Frequency | Preparing Control Plan regularly.” “Yes” I choose. “I have identified the 5W1H for Selecting Measurement Equipment | Defining the Checking Frequency | Preparing Control Plan.” This nails me down very well! I haven’t identified 5W1H. Never thought of it. I choose “No” and move on to the next KEY SUCCESS FACTOR Measurement Objective. Question “I am aware of Clarity on Measurement Objective | Practical Checking Frequency | Closed Loop Control.” “Yes” I think so. The next one “I know what to look for concerning Clarity on Measurement Objective | Practical Checking Frequency | Closed Loop Control.” Oh my god! Now I am lost! Please help me.

RAM: The measurement can be for setting, sorting, sample inspection, over checking etc. depending on the characteristic you ballooned. For example, when your objective is setting on a CNC machine, a variable type of measurement with an appropriate Least Count is a must to achieve the objective.

SHYAM: Got it! What about practical checking frequency?

RAM: You must define who will check and then make sure that he/she has sufficient time within his/her normal working cycle sufficient time to check. Additionally, if you want a self-inspection to be done the frequency must the easily identifiable like once every tray, once every hour for all the characteristics being checked. Imagine the plight if you specify once every tray for 2 characteristics and once every 2 trays for the other 3 and once every three for the other 2. It will surely be a very challenging task to keep track. On the other hand, if there is an auto trigger planned then it may be easier to manage. You need to look for these points.

SHYAM: This seems to be from the workshop perspective. I get it. Only if I think from their perspective will the plan be a robust one. What about the Closed Loop Control?

RAM: The best way of control is to ensure that a check is done before clearing a batch as OK so that the any deviations can be corrected even before the defects occur. This is closed loop control. Many a times building this in the process chain is mandatory for ZERO defects.

SHYAM: Thanks a lot. I choose “No” A lot of gyan Ram. How did you learn all this by heart? How can you explain so nicely?

RAM: It was just by using the doHow™ APP and experimenting to understand by visiting the Gemba. That simple it is. But was tough till I learnt well by regular practice.

SHYAM: I see bright light at the end of the tunnel!!! The last KEY SUCCESS FACTOR Control Plan Reporting. Question “I report (Control Plans along with Process/Machine Capability and MSA Results) both with informal and formal communication.” Not really. I want to choose a “No” and start doing this before choosing a “Yes”.

RAM: Good to know Shyam. I am sure you will start becoming effective effortlessly.

SHYAM: Sure. It is really great Ram. doHow™ APP is a very comprehensive tool for SKILL DEVELOPMENT. I also realise that I need to sweat it out. But I clearly see the bright colourful light at the end of the tunnel like I said earlier. What else does the doHow™ APP  offer?

RAM: Now move on to the Scorecard tab and enter your success metrics.

SHYAM: Oh yes! Here I see Attribute for Control, Frequency Mismatch, Impractical Frequency, MSA not OK, Defect prone characteristics. I have never thought in this direction Ram. I want to first check and then enter. Maybe I do it next time I practice.

RAM: Great! I really appreciate your sincerity! You can then check out the Scoreboard to see your development over time. And make notes of what the outcome was in the Results tab.

SHYAM: I have planned to visit the Gemba and to learn machine set-up and operation. I am very excited.

RAM: Remember unless you are at a very high maturity level, you may still not be able to do may items you wanted to do. Don’s get disheartened! Now please do a self-rating of the benefit, inspiration and your sub conscious competence or SKILL. Once all these three are high, whatever you do becomes your passion and it is just like eternal bliss.

SHYAM: I see. Of course I still have a long time to go. Does the next tab show the Self-rating graph with the development over time?

RAM: Precisely. Now I can rate you for your Organisation and Maturity. Of course both will be quite low, since you are starting your journey just now. You may of course be discussing with various coaches, typically your well-wisher who is better that you in that practice. You can also check the development over time!

SHYAM: Got it! Oh cool! I can get a report for myself and send one to you as well before submitting.

RAM: Of course. Now that you have been introduced to the doHow™ APP I am sure your effectiveness will improve exponentially. Please note that working on more than 3 practices at a time can be very challenging and tiring. I am sure you will realise how many to work on simultaneously. All the very best!

SHYAM: Thanks a lot Ram. I will surely need your coaching later too.

RAM: Anytime!

Going ahead in this manner Shyam too became very effective and could effortlessly plan the measurement methodology, frequency and control based on the characteristics and specifications to achieve ZERO defect. He then lived happily ever after!!!

Happy reading!