Executive Coaching

The main emphasis in Executive Coaching is to catalyse the self discovery of the approaches and strategies that take an individual to a goal through empathetic listening and asking the right questions. Getting coached from a person with the domain knowledge or experience on the one hand ensures that the relevant questions are asked, so that the self-discovery becomes exciting. However there exists a risk of adapting some of the coach's approaches/strategies during the self discovery. This risk becomes more a chance, if the coach of the domain has had diversity in his/her experience/career.
Process Duration: 4 - 6 Executive Coaching sessions of 1h each (can also be a telephone or VOIP conference) spread over 4 - 8 weeks. It is recommended to give a gap of 1 year between two Executive Coaching assignments, since the internalizing of the new learning and experiencing the effect takes time. Once a good rapport has been established, Executive Coaching can also be done through eMail.