Coansulting and Coaching

I was really surprised to realise that the intended benefits from a good ERP system have mainly been obtained in the financial modules like accounting, finance, costing, etc. especially in the traditional automotive manufacturing industries through various versions of the ERP over the last two decades starting with the conventional MRP and transitioning to ERP through the MRP II.

As I wondered why, it struck to me that this was mainly due to an "Expert" suggesting and advising the usage of best practices and business processes from the perspective of the "Expert". In almost all the cases the "User" who was as intelligent as the "Expert" and found ways of working with the ERP by using brilliant innovative and at time disruptive approaches to serve the customer.

Seeing this from a scientific perspective it is obvious that the "Expert" and the "User" both equally intelligent had and continue to have different brains with each looking at the world in a unique perspective and evolving solutions that were the best from their perspective.

They why can't we make all "Users" into "Experts"?
Yes! In my belief it is possible once we understand the purpose of consulting and coaching.

Consulting is the process where an "Expert" (Consultant) tells and shows the "User" what to do and how to do from the perspective of the "Expert". Consulting mainly delivers tangible results.
Coaching is the process where the "Expert" (Coach) makes the "User" identify what to do and how to do from the perspective of the "User". Coaching mainly transforms people by improving thinking.

I realized that for introducing ERP and many other ITES mostly consulting method is adapted resulting in the entire supply chain delivering numbers through brilliant innovative and at time disruptive approaches.

Maybe an "Expert" who is both a coach and a consultant would be an ideal situation to generate both the results and thinking processes to create passion to excel in every individual of the organization by choosing IT as a support in to their exceptional individual skills. Would it then not result in ever "User" becoming an "Expert?

Of course, this is my unique thinking and my perspective. I really welcome you to reflect and get back to me on your further insights.