I thought of sharing the questions I ask myself for my self-discovery to continuously become wise and gain wisdom on my path to enlightenment.

In almost all our relationships, we normally perceive just what is said and very rarely take time to dwell on what the big picture could be or what the individualís drivers could be and what this individual is really trying to communicate. We then respond almost instantaneously as has already been said by many experts, mainly on to what is said. Doing so we continue our conversation and end either with an agreement, a disagreement, a good feeling, a bad feeling or in the worst case never to talk again.

Each one of us are unique and have our own ways of doing and getting things done. Just respecting this uniqueness in each one of us made me become more inquisitive and motivated me in trying to understand the uniqueness of the other person. I not only completed the tasks on hand successfully but also learnt new ways of doing the things.

The ability to respect the uniqueness is naturally easy with individuals who are apolitical and are nice by heart. With others sustained consistency and adherence to moral values helps me with my ability, though it is quite difficult, I must say.

When I started asking myself what the big picture and drivers could be to understand the uniqueness and only then responded, not only did the conversation release enormous energy but also helped me become wiser.

I wish you all the very best is your quest of becoming an exceptional leader.