Organisation Purpose

I am writing this blog after a long as I am stuck in a traffic jam. The purpose, a noble one, is really the key to get over such jams in any organisation's life. What other than inclusive growth can be a noble purpose for an organisation?

Inclusive growth just means the growth of all the stakeholders - Customers, Shareholders, Employees, Business Partners and Society. Just imagine the number of well-wishers any organisation will have should the purpose be inclusive growth. When and why we need well wishers is surely a question worth asking?

Growth is something that gives all of us hopes of a better tomorrow and is very much essential from a philosophical perspective. 
Would profits and sustainability become integral with growth when inclusive growth has to be targeted? Maybe worth debating!

Profitability results in short-term thinking, growth on long-term thinking and sustainability in systems. Inclusive growth addresses not only all the stakeholders but also the basic needs of business.

How many entrepreneurial ventures become world class? Checking out if the ones that became world class had Inclusive Growth as the Organisation's Purpose would be a good approach to validate the hypothesis!

I am sure we can make the choice of either negative feelings during jams or use them positively. Won't having inclusive growth as an organisation's purpose intrinsically create great opportunities with a lot of positive energy?