Introduction to doHow

In today's world of internet, information being readily available, consistently catalysing just the "Doing" without much additional "Knowing" was the main approach in all our Consultancoaching assignments; even the Business Health Checks pointed to the gap between "Knowing" and "Doing" as the main cause, which undoubtedly is the most significant barrier to success.

Examining the possible reasons for this gap, books, journals, magazines, google, notes, etc. serve as the reference in education for imparting knowledge by Professors, emphasising mostly on theory and the practical understanding of diverse topics - CONSCIOUS LEARNING. Whereas policies, guidelines, processes, intranet, abilities, etc. serve as the reference in professional life for developing both motor and cognitive skills, emphasising mostly on practicing few repetitive tasks - SUBCONSCIOUS LEARNING. Therefore, could it be possible that our conscious mind wanting to be in control is preventing us from subconscious learning?

The fact that consciously carrying out a task is prone to mistakes whereas sub-conscious driven tasks are almost defect/mistake free is important in bridging this gap. Skill is this ability to carry out a task sub-consciously with no conscious effort. Nevertheless, it is first necessary to consciously learn to practice a task and then develop the skill by regular practice, overcoming the conscious mind - a Herculean effort though. Thus Reference or a Standard, Trigger to review the Skill level, Recap and Revision, Checklist to ensure the correct practice, Scorecard to check effectiveness, Assessment to identify gaps are all necessary for SKILL DEVELOPMENT. Over and above this regular self-practice, monitoring the development of effectiveness and coaching catalyses SKILL DEVELOPMENT. Once the skill levels are higher, higher standards are naturally (sub-consciously) demanded, which then improves the overall quality of life and society progresses to the next level.

The doHow™ APP bridges the gap between the "Knowing" and "Doing" by systematically addressing all the success factors for effective SKILL DEVELOPMENT.
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The Reference, Trigger, Recap, Checklist, Scorecard, Assessment, etc. for SKILL DEVELOPMENT have already been developed for some Professional and Personal practices like Managing Business, Generating Sales Orders, Managing Machining Shop Floor, Controlling Budgets, Developing Basic Success Skills, Listening Actively, etc. The same can be fully customised for any topic.

Typically, the doHow&#8482; APP can be used to drive practicing conversion of any "Knowing" to "Doing" for SKILL DEVELOPMENT.