doHow® Bistrot is an opportunity for introspective peer learning of the various success practices in the doHow® APP. The participants get to discuss and debate the content of the respective doHow® practice and get insights on what they need to focus on to further mature. Facilitated by a moderator the participants also get to go through the practice as they get to know their answers with respect to the other participants by maintaining anonymity. The participants of the doHow® Bistrot have obtained clarity of thought and the next steps on their improvement journey.

Please sign-in to the doHow® APP if you are already an user or register in the doHow® APP if you haven’t already done. Then search for the Bistrot by clicking the Search button () and then choosing Bistrot Events. Then select the event you want to attend by clicking more and register. If you have sufficient wallet balance, then you can register straight away. Otherwise you will be directed to the wallet page to add currency to your wallet through the online payment portal. You can then return to the Bistrot event and register.

You can participate either in a doHow™ Bistrot location in person or in a webinar virtually. Please choose what is most suitable to you and register. In case you don't find one near your location, please contact us.